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Time has flown and now we are in our 19th year of financially educating Filipino families all over the world. What started as a small convention has now become a global empire gathering with thousands of attendees each year. We look back to the past year with greatness that helped us in becoming the best versions of ourselves. The journey and hardship that turned into tales of success and triumph touches our hearts and spark hope in all of our souls.

As ONE TEAM we have conquered the world and remained triumphant against difficulties; having ONE DREAM we emerged as Champions in life; uniting with ONE SYSTEM as our foundation we attained immeasurable success; together with ONE MISSION that you took part in, we educated 3 million families; All with ONE HEART we achieved betterment for the Filipino people and keep on leading them towards financial success.

This is the IMG Convention of Champions 2021: FULL FORCE!

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